The holiday season is all about giving. Giving hope, spreading love and picking each other up when we need it the most. Share your personal stories of how you or someone in your life has given back, whether it be in your own time of need or someone else’s and let these stories be a source of encouragement for all!
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I know that there are a lot of things about this year that we wish had never happened but staying faithful is what got me and my family through some of the hardest times this year. The challenges that we face are times that we all need to come together and build each other up that’s what we need for Christmas this year. #peaceonearth
Thomas K
When Covid shut down my DJ and Trivia business I created a fundraising page to support various charities. Over 800 people came to the site and I was able to give back $3000 to pancreatic cancer research in honor of my cousin who lost her battle last year and $1100 back to the animal rescue I adopted my puppy from
Steve G
During the height of the covid crisis here in the UK my dad worked every day without a break, for weeks on end visiting hospitals all over the UK as a medical engineer. He ensured equipment was always serviced and usable when it was most vital! He put himself at risk every day to help others and for this he’s a true selfless hero!
Ashley G
My hope came from the Weldon Rehab/Physical Therapy and Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Neurology Dept. After 2 years of being wheelchair bound and sick they diagnosed me with a Nervous System Disorder and got me walking again. I am so grateful for those doctors and nurses. They gave me hope for my future and the ability to walk on my own again!
Christina P
A simple shoutout to the people who, on a daily basis, offer what we often take for granted: a smile, greetings or a simple act of kindness. The ones able to say “Thank you”, “I love you”, “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you”. Thank you also to those who don’t let their anger dictate their behaviour when others don’t meet their expectations. Those who show empathy, sympathy and compassion. We need you.
Anna H
Our family created a np in mem of my brother - TC for Kids. Every Thanksgiving we get together as a family and pack personalized bags. The bags are packed with pencils, crayons, activity books, reading books, hats/scarfs/sock, fleece tie blankets that we cut and tie ourselves and much more. The last day before Christmas break we deliver to kindergarteners in our local low income schools. 14+yrs!
Tiffany M
I have a friend Stephanie Cathey, she is the most selfless, giving person you will ever meet. If she can help anyone, she will! She has 2 boys Lennon and Jagger. Her passion is to help feed children and not let one single child in our community go hungry so she opened a nonprofit organization called Lennon’s Lunch Box that pays for the outstanding lunch accounts at our public schools here in FL.
Michela I
My stepmom is the best person I know. She has given back so much and expects nothing in return. She has helped me through the hardest times of my life, and day after day shows me how much she cares. I will never be able to thank her enough. She has also donated her time to a local food pantry quite a bit. She really enjoys helping people. I love her dearly.
Emilie M
My husband passed away in 2009 and it was the hardest time of my life. My children were my rock during that time. They were always there whenever I needed them. Their selfless generosity and unconditional love gave me the strength to pick up the pieces of my life and continue on!
Donna B
A co-worker was going through a financially challenging time at Christmas. I wanted to help her in an anonymous way so she would be able to provide Christmas gifts for her family. I placed cash in a Christmas card and secretly placed it in her office mailbox. Quiet acts of kindness and generosity can make a huge difference to another person's life.
Beth W
December 2019, This story is about my only son, he is the most unselfish person I know. Last year he made sure that all the men in the local men's homeless shelter had the essentials they needed to take a shower and feel good about themselves and that they would have a better start to their tomorrow. I am proud to call him my son and that he calls me Mom
Kathy L
When I was back in first and sixth grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Fredlund she made a huge impact on my life and in a way took on a mother role at school. She is a incredibly wonderful women and I would not be the same person today if it wasn’t for her. She cares about all her students and I hope that other children feel the same way about Mrs. Fredlund.
Camryn G
My mom had always been a crafter, whether sitting at a sewing machine or crocheting. She taught me through the years and always donated blankets, stuffed toys or hats and scarves to those in need. I honor her memory by doing the same. I continue to crochet and sew. I donate sewn masks to families in need and have resumed crocheting now that the cooler weather is here. It makes my heart happy!
Donna H
My mom worked two jobs just to make sure me and my sister always had what we needed and she was there for me when I was going through a rough time for 3 years and she is always giving and helping people when they need it the most she is the most amazing person I know and couldn’t ask for a better mom than her she is my rock and best friend.
Emily C
I was diagnosed with kidney disease at age 3. I will be 50 in 2 weeks. I can thank my parents for that! My parents have both donated their kidneys to me. I was 8 and 10 for the transplants. I have long since rejected their kidneys but I may not be here today if they hadn’t given me another chance at life. And they are the most generous, selfless people I know. They always put their family first!
Danyell S
my mom and dad every christmas they would take a secert shopper tag off a tree at walmarts and go shopping for a little boy or girl sadly we lost our dad in 2015 and we still do that tradition every yr we are glad to do this that is our way of giving back
sara c
The first few years after the birth of my daughter were tough. Young, broke and living hand to mouth. When my daughter was 3 an angel adopted us at Christmas through the Salvation Army angel program and our Christmas was filled with wonderful gifts and lots of love. Since then I've made it my mission to give back each and every year. 20+ years later and still going strong!
My best friend has worked in the pharmaceutical department at her local hospital in California. Seeing her work through the pandemic along with her mum (who’s a nurse) while also attending school to become an RN has been the most inspiring thing to see. Not only is she a hero but she’s studying to become a bigger hero.
Peeta M
We are such an animal loving family that my mom has volunteered for the Greater Androscoggin Animal Society for almost the last 20 years.I recently got a seasonal job at our amazing Maine Wildlife Park after volunteering for the last two years cutting truckloads of maple trees every other day to feed the moose there.Just remember,every little thing each of us do for our animal friends does add up!
Jeff L
My 25 yr old daughter & I spend every Saturday together to do shopping, couponing & bargain shopping. Recently when I got a promotion we were able to find toys reg. priced at $1200 that we got them on sale for $172. They all went to the Children’s Hospital to give the kids a smile in these tough times! We give all the deals we get to whoever we know that needs it. I’d give this to my daughter!
Michelle R
I'm thankful to God for having a praying mother. Last May, I was sick with a double ear infection and a minor stroke. My mom didn't give up praying for me because I was going through a lot of stress as well. Now I'm 33 and thankful for his total healing. Whatever you are going through in life and in your body, God will take care of you and direct your path. Blessings to you all in this season. ❤
Lenora D
3 years ago, my parents took in my niece and nephew last minute 8 days before Christmas, so they didn’t go into foster care. My parents were 56 & 57 at the time. 2 months ago they officially adopted them as their own. They are 2 of the most selfless people for doing this. They have given these kids the most amazing life. They have given up so much to raise them. I’m so proud to be their daughter.
Janelle K
My little sister inspires me daily. She is the most selfless and caring person I know.. I love waking up to her countless boxes filled with children’s toys and school supplies, scattered all over the floor. Little Christmas cards hand written with words of encouragement . Then, to all be donated to local small children in need for the holidays. God is so good. I am forever grateful.
Christina J
One of my best friends teaches elementary age kids who have been diagnosed with autism. She works so hard with these children and with their parents, who rely heavily on her for her help and knowledge. She also recently found out her mom needed a kidney and didn’t think twice about donating hers. They are 2 months post transplant and doing great!
Ashley H
My best friend is a nurse and she is working over time to help with covid right now. She is also always there for me day or night when I need a great friend. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this last deployment, which lasted 10 months, and pandemic without her love and support! She’s my soul sister!
Lindsay N
I have two this year. 1. I enlisted the help of 2 other people to implement my idea of raising funds to purchase food from local restaurants and give that food to frontline workers. We did that for 6 weeks. 2. An 8th grader where I work found out she has a brain tumor and had to have proton radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. I bought& wrapped something for her to look forward to for each day.
Kimberley A
My mom is always giving and putting others before herself. She’s always done this because she’s a wonderful mom, but lately it amazes me that she can still do it. She’s not only lost her job, but she’s also been very sick for awhile. And yet, she still manages to get by in life with a smile & always puts us first. She really is the strongest, bravest, and best person I know with a heart of gold.
Rachel M
My mom is the most selfless and giving person you will ever meet. She is always doing so much for others and barely thinks about herself. When my dad passed away two years ago, she didn’t think about it for a second to be there for my siblings and I. Whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to pray for me she’s in a heartbeat. She deserves everything and I am so grateful God gave me her.
Kayla L
It may not be a Christmas tradition but it’s a winter one . Everyone needs to be warm and I feel bad knowing people ( homeless) are cold on the streets of NYC. I buy blankets go to the city and hand them out to the ones who look in need . It’s not much but makes my day . Hopefully made someone else’s day .
Theresa C
My cousin whose going to college was robbed a couple thousand dollars out of his truck, that was all of his rent money for the year, the robber was never caught. My dad heard about this so he had tons of guys over for supper and sauna and they raised I believe about $1,500!
Mary H
Hello! My name is Ashley Elesh. My life hasn't always been easy, so 11 years ago I had viral meningitis. I was in rainbows and babies children hospital for about 1 week, I almost didn't make it out. With blessings from God and my family members are ground me I overcame my sickness. You have helped me so much in surviving with what I had. I always listen to your music, you are a blessing in my life
Ashley E
My daughter Amy is a RN who works 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Not long ago I became seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital. My condition was critical so Amy stayed at my bedside until her boss insisted she work or lose her job. As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later, her Dad was hospitalized with a heart attack. This angel of mine managed to take care of her Dad and I and work.
Robin C
My son, Seth, is 29 years old and has Down Syndrome. His dream has been to have his own home and to live on his own. My husband made his dream come true by building him a home and this past April Seth moved into his brand new home, we call JOY HOUSE. Our goal is to help other adults who have special needs fulfill their dream by doing the same.
Marla T
Every Christmas season we take our youth group shopping at the local dollar store for Operation Christmas Child. We have soliders in our church deployed, so the kids shop for a Christmas surprise for our soliders also. Seeing the excitement on the youth's face during this time is a wonderful reminder of the season of giving! Merry Christmas all.
Heidi H
Last year on international teddy bear day, I bought a bear from Build a Bear and put an anonymous post on social media asking whose kid needed a hug from a teddy bear today. I had 6 moms share stories of kids being bullied, kids who had lost a parent, a child that had been diagnosed with autism. I couldn’t choose so I went back and got 5 more bears and anonymously dropped them at each address!
Amanda S
My mom and I we bump heads A LOT but she gives more than any human on planet Earth and she just gets so happy from it. My little sister and I look up to her doing that a lot! For example she always goes to our local food kitchen and even if she was working she would still volunteer. She also likes to be the head honcho when helping at home and softball tournaments
Charlee M
I was in zaxby’s drive-through one night during the Holiday Season, I was going through one of the toughest moments I had ever been through in my life. The worker at the window handed me my food, a note, and sais my food has been paid for by the person in front of me. They will never knew how much I needed that and how much it meant to me. I kept the note a long time afterwards as a reminder. :)
Alison N
For many years now my health has been up and down. Currently at 32, 8+ surgeries/procedures to try and cope, losing jobs, being depressed from all the pain and lack of being able to do things. But there has always been 3 people in my corner! My husband of 11 years and our 2 children aged 15,13! They have been my rock, my encouraging team, my everything! I'm so blessed to have them
Stacy D
My friends Rachel, Audrey and Brittney have always been there for me since day one. I was really having a hard time my senior year of high school with being in this club. When everyone turn their backs on me in this club. my three amazing friends step up and help me encourage me to stay im so thankful and happy that they are in my life thanks for everything you did to help me out
Sydney T
At work we have made sure to include giving back to the community. Around Christmas time, we make sure to do a pay it forward day. We have also included making sure we give back our time by volunteering in shelters. Along with that we give stockings to nursing homes around the area. I work in outpatient mental health so I already enjoy giving back to the community.
Olivia C
My girls have a heart to give. We started a tradition of giving during Christmas when they were younger. Each year it looks different based upon the need around us. This is the tradition that most excites them every year. This year they have decided to enlist the help of classmates to fill/deliver boxes with small items and deliver to elderly, shut in or high risk who maybe lonely. Their gift;joy.
Stacy P
My giving of hope is that this year has been so hard and we have lost some great people.We are are here to love each other and lean on each other. I lost my best friend my mother last year unexpectedly and I can say for certain.To not take life for granted be kind and help one each other, and live today as it was our last God Bless everyone this holidays season and new Year to come.
Renee S
One day I went to jack and the box for dinner. There was a man outside cuddled in a blanket asking for food. I saw people walk past him not saying a word. When I passed him he said can you get me a meal. I told him let me see I went inside and something in my heart said buy this man a meal I bought him tacos and a drink. I went outside and he asked I gave him the meal and his face lit up.
Adriana C
My dad is a single man, 56 years old that owns his own business. He is a mechanic and has very little help. He is the guardian of his 67 year old sister that is mentally disabled and can’t live alone. He gives me hope in man-kind. He is selfless, caring, loving and puts everyone else first. There are still good people in the world and my dad is the absolute best.
Stacy H
My husband &i make homeless bags for the last 5 years We find people in the woods & shelters while having a meal.Its great to hear their stories & ideas for our bags.that will help them.We were serving a meal in a shelterWe had clothes for all to pick from.A lady came to me and said can I give you a hug. I asked why she had a job interview next day didnt have outfit now she did Brought tears
lynn b
My mom is the one who impacted my life the most because she saw me for the real me she never judged me and she never hated me. I met her 4 years ago while I was in states custody. 2 years and 3 months ago she adopted me. She took me in when my own family didn’t want me. She’s put up with me through the good and bad times. We’ve made so many memories that I will cherish forever.
Rebecca A
My Family & I were headed to the new Popeye’s in Greensboro, NC. We saw a homeless man outside and read his sign, but this was different than the normal “Anything helps” sign. He was asking for food. We proceeded to go buy him a meal from Popeyes a long with ours then noticed him sharing it with another man so we went and bought them another meal so they both had one.
Ashley M
I want to give hope to all the adopted kids out there like me. Sometimes during Christmas, we often fill out list of material things that we would like to have. We often forget that the greatest gift God can give us is family. I’m thankful to be able to have the gift of family, and feeling wanted. Thank you mom and dad for changing my life. You truly don’t know this, but you saved my life. Thanks!
Aj B
In a world where you can be anything...Be Kind. Messages from students to their fellow classmates of love and encouragement decorated the high school lockers up and down the halls of the school. Would you join us today by doing an act of kindness? This was done at my children’s school today! This brought so much joy and love to each student. I love our school and our little community!
Kimberly R
There was a time of uncertainty. I was unsure of how I was going to pull this off. I just had taken my sister in with her 3 kids, mind you I live in a one bedroom apartment. I knew that at the end of the day it had to be special. Not because it was just a holiday, but it was a time to show resilience in our family. That morning was like no other. The room filled with love. The kids smiling. Joy.
Elizabeth A
In September 2012 my niece , Kylie Aas, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was 2 1/2 months old. Our family lived in the Sanford Castle of Care. She beat the cancer, but everything was too hard on her little body. She passed away before her first birthday. I started a Progressive Gift program with my students to collect gifts to bring to the Children's Hospital for Christmas.
Amber J
This years quarantine inspired our family to hold a neighborhood pet drive to collect donations for our local humane society! We made homemade baked/frozen treats for dogs in our neighborhood in exchange for a canned food item, etc. We collected lots of goodies for the H.S. & our kids learned the gift of giving to animals in need. We visited the shelter as a family & planning to do again soon!
Carrie B
We have a beautiful little girl. After having her I could not seem to carry another one (13 miscarriages and 7 lost embryos). One day I messaged my husbands cousin and asked her if I could talk to her. She replied “if it is what I think it is about then yes.” Out of the kindness of her heart she is caring our little girl. Ellee Jean will be born Oct. 2nd.
Meagan P
My great-grandmother, Delfina is truly an angel amongst men. Money or materialistic things never mattered to her. As long as the ones she loved were healthy, she was happy. My Nana took it upon herself to raise me when times got tough and guided me to the right path in life with love and faith. I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves the whole world at her feet. ❤️
Alexis A
We had no money for much of anything and no Christmas was going to happen. Christmas Eve there was a knock on the door and there were packages in the porch. It was the most magical Christmas ever! Thankfully we were able to pay it forward a few years later! Blessings all around!
Jo Lynn F
Our dear friend was diagnosed with ALS August of 2016. He immediately chose this saying ''Love the life you live'' and hasn't stopped. He's held over 8 events all to raise money not for himself but for the ALS Association and ALS research. He's raised over $80,000 and never once taken it for himself. He even puts money from his events to other 'teams' totals for the Walk to Defeat ALS.
Jennifer M
Our mum. Sacrificed so much and worked so hard to put her children’s education and happiness first. Made 3 teachers and a doctor by making sure we never settled and aimed as high as we could. She was still guiding us until the end. My letter of hope is that we make her as proud as we are to have had her as our mum. We miss her everyday and love her so much xx
Claire M
My grandpa passed away in 2017. He was the most generous man I ever knew, and he set an example for the whole family. He bought both of my grandma’s sisters a vehicle. One for each of them. He helped me and my siblings when my dad and mom separated. He got us a home and bought us school supplies. He would always pick us up when we felt we were in danger. He is my guardian angel. I miss him so much
Cheranna P
A friend of mine's son Declan. An amazing 5 yr old boy baked recipes with the help of his mother and father every day for 1 week. People picked up his baked goods in exchange for food for his church's food bank. He collected over 230 items a grocery carton full to deliver to his food bank. He and his parents have helped so many. My name is Debbie Burkhard
Deborah B
I want to recognize Betty Jo Ramser,who is like my 2nd mom to me. I am so blessed by having her in my life. In 2013 I was placed on life support after being found unresponsive. I came out of that coma when doctors didn't think I was going to make it. Since then Betty Jo has seen me through so much with my health, and continues to do so. I thank my Lord and Savior each and every day for her.
Karen S
I’m from Wisconsin and in 2018, winter became so cold it was -50 degrees and an elderly woman was shopping and needed help. At the end of her shopping she had forgotten to buy a bee set of gloves. She was shaking and nervous waiting for her bus to arrive. I’m still so proud to say that I have helped her by running to the accessories and bought the warmest red (her favorite color) gloves for her.
Mikayla H
I know it's not much but we always give back to the animal shelter, they have Christmas get together with raffles & other things. Each year B picks out an animal we can sponsor for Christmas. We go, pick out what they need on their lists and bring it up. We bring special goodies to the other animals up there so they have a little extra. B also paid for 1 of the dogs adoption fee(hes been adopted)
Anne C
My name is Lacey Brown. I have a medical condition called Epilepsy. I was diagnosed when I was in 8th grade therefore I have had this for 10 years. The most positive thing in my life is my Mother. I am so blessed to have her. She has been there for me holding my hand every step of the way. Yes. I have bad days but I'm still here and I have my Mother! I hope my story inspires others! Keep fighting!
Lacey B
Every year during the Christmas season , our Radiation Oncology Department at the local hospital would partipate in a program called " "money in a jar" . In lieu of buying gifts for each other, any staff member who elected to participate would put money in the jar and right before christmas , the jar of money would be given to a cancer patient who is most in need of finacncial help.
Elaine M
When I turned 21 I had to make some hard choices. There was a couple at my church that helped walk me through it and became like parents to me. In 2017 I was in a bad car accident. The day before I was discharged they asked me who I would be staying with as I live alone. Before I could take a breath my church mom said, "She's coming with us." I'm so thankful, they've loved me through a lot.
Kayla L
As a member of a club at college, I tried to do my part and collect care package items to send to our military personnel as a thank you for their service. We were able to raise over one hundred items including paper, writing utensils, and envelopes so that loved ones could write letters home to their families. I’m grateful for those willing to fight for our country and our freedom!
Olivia J
My husband is out right now buying 50 turkeys and delivering them to a local food bank. He usually buys 25, but he said this Thanksgiving there was more need. He never tells another soul that he does this, as he does not want the glory. To God be the glory!
Denise P
When I was 11 years old the girls in my small town had little to do, so my mom went all over the town asking for someone to sponser a girls softball team. She finally talk a company into it and she was our coach too. Proudly she returned to that company a second place trophy that year. My mom has also been a Sunday school teacher and a missionary president at our church. She is an angel on earth!!
Audrey D
I'm very thankful that I have my Mom because she's a Superwoman. My mom is a single mother of four children, with her hard work and her love we have made it through though times, she's been our mother and father at the same time.
Vanessa P
In 2012, I moved out of state to live near my daughter, but the job didn't work out and I returned home without money or a job. An uncle gifted me money which held me together for weeks. An amazing blessing that I can never repay, but by God's grace, this year I'm working from home and I've been able to donate to ministries and send lunches to hospital workers. It's so great to give back! 🙌🏻
Julia H
I live in an apartment building where several elderly people live. Some of them have no family or family that has nothing to do with them. With the recent pandemic, I help a lady with ordering her groceries. I place orders online, pick them up, then put them away. Then I do whatever is needed to help her out. I thank my parents for my helpful heart ❤️.
Deborah S
I was inspired to start a non profit, that helps low income families in our area, by a women that I seen on the street that was pushing a stroller that had seen better days, and her kids could have been wearing warmer clothes. I seen myself as a single mom many years ago. We run a registered non profit that helps low income families with clothes and toys for their kids. We also do Christmas hamper
Marion S
My grandma fell and broke her leg before the holidays. Her Christmas wish was to stay in her home. Instead of sending her to the nursing home, my aunt and uncle moved her in with them. My aunt tirelessly gives her projects to help with and my grandma is so happy. My aunt and uncle are a true inspiration with their selfless acts of kindness.
Becky M
At work we have made sure to include giving back to the community. Around Christmas time, we make sure to do a pay it forward day. We have also included making sure we give back our time by volunteering in shelters. Along with that we give stockings to nursing homes around the area. I work in outpatient mental health so I already enjoy giving back to the community.
Olivia C
After a season of great loss in our family, my mother rallied our family together to ensure Christmas was spent together, not in sorrow or isolation, but rather in celebration and reminiscing on all the great memories of those lost. It was a great celebration with family and a wonderful reminder to be thankful for the time we have together as a family!
Kristen J
My story is about my amazing older sister. Her name is Jessie, and she is one of the toughest people I know & my biggest hero. She has been an RN for a number of years, and when this pandemic hid, she never backed down. Requesting extra hours and then went to one of the worst cities the COVID virus has hit and became a traveling nurse to help where help was needed most.
Julie S
Our son was born Christmas Day of 2018 at 24 weeks and 5 days. He spent 134 days in the NICU. During this time, I was blessed beyond words to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House because we lived almost 2 hours away. For our son's first birthday we decided to add a food drive to his party. We were able to donate 5 big boxes of food to the Ronald McDonald House! We will forever be grateful!
Katie C
I remember my family not having the money to purchase food for the Holidays. One day after coming home my parents and I found a gift card taped to our door and there was not a name on the card! I thank this person every single day for giving us the gift of hope and that there are good people in this world! I continue to bless those around me whenever I can and show them kindness!
Zivorad F
To all my fellow healthcare workers, I just want to say I’m great full. I’m an occupational therapist and our team works very well together in assisting people at bedside in the hospital to work on their self care and independence. We have helped many people to go home and this is why I feel great full and hopeful at all times working beside these people all day. Thank you
Dereck T
My husband and I and started our family while I was still in college living off of his paychecks and gig money. He works so hard to provide for us, but while I was in school it wasn’t enough at certain times for us to pay our bills and still get groceries. Good friends of ours gifted us with a shopping venture to Walmart. They loaded three FULL carts of groceries and toiletries. We are ok now 😊
Moriah B
In 1979, when I was 5, my 2 brothers and I were removed from our biological parents care. We came to live with our legally blind aunt and uncle. We had been severely abused our whole lives and knew nothing about love and family. I still remember that 1st Christmas Eve and the jingling of Santa’s bells! That night he left more than toys, he left a lifetime of Hope! Each year we pay it for Forward.
Michaelle B
My mom lives alone has been battling cancer for the past 3 years. My brothers and I live in different states so we are not often able to be with her. Her good friend Jena has been an amazing support - taking her to chemo appointments, helping with chores, letting her stay over as needed. Her simple and humble acts of selfless service have been invaluable to our family.
Alina H
I want to acknowledge my 9 year old son Chase. When he was 2 years old he was diagnosed with autism. Even though we have daily worries he gives love all the time. He gives joy to many. One phrase he says the most is I love you. Even if he sees a stranger he asks what their name is followed by I love you. He shines a light daily giving love to so many. I’m thankful and blessed to be his Dad.
Lee C
The selflessness of my mother and father-in-law is something I will forever be grateful for. They took my daughter in and loved her and kept her safe and cared for while I spent 14 months fighting to get myself back in order and sober so that I could return to properly caring for my children. They don't know how big their part in my being sober today is! I'm alive because they cared!
Denise E
My mom does so much for our family and she does not get enough credit for it. She gave up her career to raise her four children, became my Grandma’s primary caregiver, and is always there for us no matter what. Everyday she continues to give so much of herself to us. I am so grateful for everything she does for our family. My mom inspires me everyday to be like her and I hope one day I can be.
Emily S
I'm not sure if this is in the category. But, my husband is amazing. We have been best friends for 6 years he has accepted my son since the day he was born. Due to his career choice in military after high school we became more than best friends a year ago. We are now married and have a child on the way. Due to the high risk pregnancy he has taken over more roles in the house than I could ever ask
Rebecca D
My piano teacher, Miss Callie, is an amazing, Godly woman. After I turned 15 last year, she asked if I was interested in teaching. This question was very timely bc I had been praying about what God’s plan for my life was. I’ve been teaching for a year now! She has given me a great joy to learn, play, and teach the piano. I am so grateful that God has put Miss Callie into my life. 💕
Emma-Grace E
I'm not one to voice what I do. However, with the help of some volunteers, I created the 'Lunch Queen's' which donated handmade lunches I sometimes hands them or directly to people and or to the shelter. I try to do it once a week. It's not much but I can't stand to see people going hungry. ❤
Brianna C
Couple years ago I raised a enough money to give 10 families Christmas that couldn’t afford Christmas so I try to help people in need I do anything for anyone I even help my grandparents do yard work or anything and I even help a lot in church I am a Sunday school teacher and I love to share the love to other children
Morgan F
I recently reconnected with a very dear friend from my junior high school years. She was my confidante. Her family and her home were a place of refuge for me. Finally, after 47 yrs & infinite prayers of hope to locate her, we found one another. I was blessed then & now w/the gift of her friendship. I thank the Father for His wisdom & timing in bringing two friends together again.
JoAnne G
Every year I adopt a grandparent from a nursing home and buy them little candies and socks and anything else I think they may like or need. People tend to always want to help the children at Christmas time but forget about the elderly so I want to make sure that they have a great Christmas too
Amber H
In October of 2019, one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer. We are both involved in BSUDM, an organization where we raise money for Riley Hospital for Children. While going through chemo and intense cancer treatment, she managed to raise over $1,000 dollars, all for the kids!
Brandon R
Last year when I lost my father was the most painful and heartbreaking moment of my life. Grateful for my family esp. my Auntie Mayette for always being there, for being a family when everyone else was busy, for randomly checking on me, for giving me virtual kisses and hugs that means so much to me and for just listening to my cry every once in a while. Thank you & Love you forever!
Juliann F
Recently, I went through a rough patch and an individual I was just starting to get to know, was amazing. They kept checking in on me, ensuring I had everything I needed. They would drop everything if I ever said I needed a ride to the doctor or anything like that. They made a hug impact on my life and are part of the reason I am able to write this story now.
Hannah J
I lived in Lima, Peru for 8 years and learned a few English words but not enough to actually have a conversation with someone. When I moved to Arkansas Cleidy was there to help me out. She didn’t even know me and we became close friends. I knew that I needed to do the same someone day with someone. So a few years later I meet a girl named Amanda and I knew it was mine time to give back.
Allison M
This year has been so hard for many of us around the world. Since coronavirus was spread on the world, Guayaquil was the most affected city on my country. In my family my grandma and 2 uncles died by this cause. It was so hard to deal with these events but after this we went stronger and now we are more joined than ever. Whatever you are going through stay strong and trust in God. He bless you
Javier Y
My family around this time last year decided to do a big Christmas, however it was not for us it was for those in the nursing home where my grandmother was at. We bought gifts for those we knew and also added in those who did not have a family at all. When the time came to give let’s just say that there was not a dry eye in the room. God gave us a wonderful gift, so we pay it forward when we can.
Ashlie T
My dad has dementia and Alzheimer's he has been confined to his room in the nursing home since covid. We have had to wait until this month to see him personally. it's not the same but at least we can see each other even though it's a plexiglass wall we have to look st. I thank the nurses and staff at this facility for being there for our dad. They make sure we get our facetime call every sat.
Cindy D
Happy Holidays, I hope this year ends with love and happiness for those who struggle. I may not have a grand letter of one extraordinary event but I have hope. We have been affected so differently but so much the same. If you are in a dark place please look to a family member, a friend a neighbor, anyone who will listen. I promise it helps. You're not alone. Pray for and love each other God bless
Tiff L
Five years ago, my husband and I took a leap of faith and became certified foster parents. Our first placement call was for two little girls, ages 19 months and 26 days. We were instantly a family of four! These precious girls shared our home for 1,050 days before officially becoming ours through adoption. Our family has been so blessed by this incredible gift from God! We are truly thankful!
Cynthia H
Keep hoping and dreaming you got this! Good things are around the corner!
Amanda R
Owning your own business can be hard. But it can be rewarding in so many ways. Every Christmas, my husband and I find 3 families who are in need of house repairs they can't afford to fix. About 2 years ago, a single mother with 2 autistic sons crossed our path. Come to find out, her roof was in need of a major repair, it leaked bad anytime it rained. Needless to say, she received a new free roof
Anne P
Mine is love for my parents. My mom and dad adopted me at 5 months old. I've always known I was adopted. They raised me in a loving family where Christ was the center. My parents started again adopting another child this time at birth. My little sister just turned 3. My dad is 63 and my mom 60. Their hearts are over flowing with love. Thanks mom and dad. Love Leisha
Leisha M
January 3-2020, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer at the age of 32. My family had a fundraiser for me and people we have never met in our county donated and had meals prepared for me, my husband and two kids. It means the world to us that people we’ve never met helped us during this difficult time in our lives.
Brandi S
Well last year my dad started this non profit organization called the Giving Garage which has 10 members and we help kids and adults with special needs and people who have lost their homes to no fault of their own like fires, tornados, hurricanes, etc. And so much more a few months ago we teamed up with the us. Freedom fighters and helped donate a pick up truck and trailer full of stuff down south
Alaina D
My wife Kari has her own cleaning business and as many small businesses during the pandemic, her business was interrupted by cancellations from worried homeowners. She decided to turn a con into a pro and began crocheting ear savers to donate to front line and essential workers. Posting everywhere she could she has donated over 400 ear savers and continues to do so! 💙 Ear savers for life savers!
Aaron R
Last Christmas when it was the beginning of December I donated 100$ to someone at the grocery store. She was shopping I clearly see she was struggling to pay her groceries so I just handed her the cash .. the look on her face was priceless! I’m going to continue this new tradition every year to help someone out in need.
Karla F
Each day I wake up and think positive thoughts. I push my self to do things that are out of my comfort zone especially when it comes to helping others. Hope is something we all need during these trying times.
Lana Z
Growing up, my biological mother wasn’t in the best place mentally. Her best friend at the time, came into my life and made sure that I was always taken care of and provided for. She took over and became my mother, and I am forever grateful. I’m now 21, and I could never repay her for opening her heart and home to me. I truly believe God placed her in my life to show me how much I could be loved.
Kaylie T
When I was 11 years old, my mother passed away unexpectedly. My dad wasn't in the picture, so her sister (and husband) took me in and a few month later adopted me. That was 32 years ago. They are my parents, my children's grandparents and the epitome of what it means to be giving & loving.
Brandy F
My Mothers birthday was Christmas eve. She loved the holiday seasons and would save all year long to give us a magical holiday. My Dad was a painting contractor in MN so sometimes it got very tough and she had to get clever. Somehow it was always wonderful. Now that she has been gone for 22 years, I cherish those memories even more .
Meralee W
As you may have heard about our fires in southern Oregon... well there was a fire started next to my sons work and he went outside to see and right away was helping the fire fighters evacuate people out of their homes moments before they burned... he called me when the fireman told him to leave.... I call him my sweet baby boy, he is 32 and 6 feet tall... he gives of himself and I am proud.
Vicki F
Last December, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare eye condition that will cause her to go blind. Christmas was difficult to say the least. We took her to a specialist first of this year where she’s been through many tests. We have one more follow up this December!! Her condition is miraculously going away by the grace of God! Hope anchors the soul and thanks to Him she is healing!!
Ashleigh N
Clearly, it has been a pretty hectic six months for everybody. My sister has cancer and my family went on a really strict quarantine because of it. Usually, I go to a summer camp for those with cancer siblings but it was cancelled this year. Instead, they held an online camp, which I know took a lot of work. I’m so thankful for the people who held this as I can’t find the same support elsewhere.
Olivia W
Like everyone else here, it has been a rough year. However, by the grace of God we get up each day, and do it all over again. Our Dad has COPD & AFib which limits our family time. We love you Dad, you have been through so much in the last 5 years. I know it's not easy without Mom and Philly. So; my hope is to get through these days, and pray that a cure is found soon. Family time is priceless❣️
Angelica S
My cousin and nana both were struggling of cancer at the same time I had back surgery four years ago. I was gifted with the skills to knit and was inspired by them to knit scarves for chemo patients. Since then every Christmas I have been knitting scarves and delivered them to my local hospital to the chemo ward. It’s so special knowing how a scarf can mean so much to someone.
Brittany B
Every Christmas, my husband’s uncle gathers friends & family together to feed the less fortunate on Skid Row in Los Angeles, CA. Last year, the youth at my church assembled blessing bags with donations from our church community. We had well over 100 bags full of items such as shampoo, body wash, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, snacks, etc.! It was a blessing to serve others & be the hands of God!
Melissa R
I have hope that this Christmas brings so much joy to peoples lives and the lord shines his path to each and everyone of us!!
Sam W
we had a family that lived in the apartments next to the bank and their fridge went out a few days from Christmas and everything they had, went bad. so we went out to the store and bought over a hundred dollars worth of food for them and we had extra meat and cans from our food storage, so we gave them all of it. and the smiles on their faces really brightened up my day.
Elizabeth R
Tillie Burgin (84) founded Mission Arlington in 1986 at First Baptist Church Arlington to serve those in need. Now many people, churches and companies volunteer to provide dental care, medical care, counseling and more. In one month that mission aides over 5,400 families with food, clothing and needs. Last Christmas over 3,045 bikes were gifted. Tillie taught a whole community the gift of giving.
Connie L
I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer in April this year. My lovely wife of 25 years has had to step away from her career this entire year to become my caretaker. Me and our 4 children and 6 grandchildren could never put into words just how grateful we are and just how deeply she is loved. I could not get thru this without her. She is truly a one of a kind soul full of selfless love.
Jeffrey R
Last year I had won tickets to your concert in Toronto. I took my younger sister with me. The night before your concert we went around and helped the homeless by buying them items/food. She and myself were so glad we were able to put smiles on all their faces. sadly in March of 2020 she past away from cancer at the age of 31. I will never forget those 2 amazing days with her and how happy she was.
Catherine D
A few years ago i knew this little girl and she wasn't going to have a Christmas she wasnt going to get any presents cause her parents didn't have enough money so my sister and I went through all our toys that we had and stuff that we hadn't opened and we gave it to her.
Briana R
My story is about my Mimi who is no longer here. She died of heart failure in 2019 and was like my mother. She always gave to others whether it be strangers or people she knew. She always put others before herself. She always brought me to see Carrie we got to go twice together it’s Memories I’ll never forget. So this is all about my Mimi Pamela. My angel and the most giving person I ever knew.
Brian C
January 18, 2020 I received the most selfless gift from my donor who has given me a chance to continue living and in ways I couldn't before. I have Cystic Fibrosis and was going through chronic rejection. So not only have I received this gift once in 2012 now I have twice. My donor lives on through every breath I take. I thank the Lord for them and this priceless gift of life.
Heather M
My name is Courtney and my story is simple. I was adopted when I was little. So my mom is the most giving person in the world. My mom gave me a life I never would have gotten otherwise.
Courtney B
Last year around Christmas, it was extremely cold with the temperature being 17° F. Me, being the typical teenager, was thinking of taking a long nap with christmas music playing, or watching christmas movies with my family. However, my mind kept telling me to help feed the homeless with my church. So, I did just that. I helped feed the homeless in 17 degree weather. (There were a lot of people!)
Maddie B
My mom was a mother of 12 (plus 1 still born). We grew up poor but didn't realize it till grown. But mom always shared what we had. And years later with all children gone from home she still loved to give. My favorite was her buying BOGO at grocery stores just to give away. Never worked a public job but sure worked hard being a housewife and mom. Miss her everyday
Donna K
Currently, I am attending Wilmington University for my teaching degree. I am required to observe and assist a teacher in an assigned school district. My job is to encourage these children and convey that education is essential. It is my job to pull these students through this tough time. These children make every day worth it because they are the leaders of our future. They give me hope.
Chad O
I am a college student at UGA and I found a campus ministry as a freshman called CCF. I was apprehensive at first but soon got really involved. I am putting myself through college no ties to a family but they have become my home. The staff always make sure I am spending holidays with someone and to include me in some of their own family traditions. It means the world to me.
Sandra G
I want to share my story about my girlfriend. Shes a Kindergarten teacher. She often works a long day to stay after school to clean classrooms and bathrooms when the school has no janitor. She does this free so students can have a clean environment to come to each day. She often spends her own money to buy students materials including jackets and shoes. She never stops giving.
Jeffrey M
My Best friend and Husband truly deserve more credit than he gets!. He has adopted 4 wonderful children and has loved them like he raised them for birth, He is up at 3:30am feeding our animals then off to his job then home back to chores for my dreams ( with no ? Ask) and always helping out our neighbors till after dark. And he never asked for anything in return, Just happiness for me! April C
April C
My mom suffered beautifully for years with Crohn's disease. I watched as she struggled year after year when it came to Christmas. The Salvation Army gave us the opportunity to have as normal of a Christmas as possible. I’ll be forever grateful for them. They eased some of her pain. Something not even her doctors could do.
Chrissy S
My Moms. My moms work so hard to make sure i have the best life possible. For the first 10 years of my life i had a rough childhood. I was abandoned at birth. I didn't have stability. I prayed that one day, my life would improve. It wasn't until I was 10 years old, after bouncing around from foster home to foster home, where i found my forever home with my moms & family. God is good.
Quetcy J
On September 25, 2016 my Mother and Sister were in a very serious car accident that left my Mother fighting for her life for 2 weeks. During that time our small town rallied behind us three daughters with prayers and fundraisers. Unfortunately, our Mother passed away but the people of our town continued to pray and support us in ways I have never seen! Thank God for hometowns.
Megan C
The other night at work (I’m a server) one of my tables were very nice and I over heard them talking about struggling during this pandemic. So I pulled out my tip money and went up to the front and payed for there bill and I didn’t tell them and when they left the smile of there face made my whole night!
Dalton E
I believe I'm pursing my purpose in life at an amazing agency and charter school called UCP of Central Florida. Throughout my 10 years of service at UCP Bailes, I've worked alongside the most amazing staff, therapists, families, and most of all the students and community we serve (students with and without special needs). The entire staff at UCP gives back to our students and community!
Meghan S
I want to thank the teachers who are giving their time, energy, and encouragement while adjusting to a new system of online education so student learning can continue while we are in these uncharted waters. I’m a first year math teacher and am beyond blessed for the amazing support system I have around me who keep me going so I can give my all to my students. You rock teachers!
Tina B
In my humble prayer, I pray that all the sick people get well, the lonely people find companions, the worried parents find peace, all the struggling people overcome, all the poor people get sustained, and that the year should just be a good one, filled with love, hope, success, & happiness. "So much of our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world." I hope we all look at the good :)
Michelle S
My son, Gage, is an above the knee amputee due to a congenital birth defect. After struggling on the baseball field, an organization for amputees donated a running blade to him. Gage’s life was so impacted by this gift he asked for donations in lieu of gifts for his 12th and 13th birthdays to pay it forward to other amputee children. He raised enough money to sponsor 11 running blades!
Kelli B
The year 2020 has been far from easy. Not only was I hired as a first year elementary school teacher during a pandemic, but I also helped take care of my mom as she battles Breast Cancer for the second time. My Gift from God this year is seeing her WIN this cancer battle once again so that she can spend the holidays, like Christmas, with my family for many years to come. God Bless 2020 <3
Celia B
I'd Like to thank Angela Marshall for all she has Done she helps people do Job experiences she helps people with Special Needs and disabilities shes taught me so much and I'm Very Thankful for her shes amazing Wonderful person 💗
Paige G
Hello, I want to share a story that someone who have helped me when I have needed it. It’s my Grandma Sue. I remember when my Grandma Sue was right there for me and my family when my mom passed away from cancer. It’s been 6 years since my guardian angel mom passed away. She’s always with me in my heart and soul. My Grandma Sue let me cry on her shoulder when I needed to cry and always has been.❤️
Hannah H
Came out of a convenient store to find a young man peeking in the trashcans to find some leftover food that someone threw away. He had to be only 26 years old (same as my daughter) I could not leave without buying him a warm dinner. What struck me the most about this young man is after we paid for what he wanted to eat, he sat at a table outside of the convenient store and prayed! God bless him!
Tina B
A few years ago I had went to a friend's house to have Christmas dinner it was great we all enjoyed it ,you know we all got to have a plate to go so I fixed mine and we left to go home , on the way I see a person walking on the hyw so I stopped to see if she need a ride and she said yes so I told here to get in the truck and I gave her my plate of food gave her money for water to drink
Carolyn W
A couple of months ago I found out that I needed surgery due to my chronic illness and I had to drop out of college. My grandpa has been there for me every step of the way. I lived alone but my grandpa had me come home so he can help me . Without my grandpa I would be lost but because of him, I have hope. My grandpa is my hero. He taught me that faith and hope are important to have in life.
Veronica I
It was the Christmas after my mom passed away. My dad was struggling to take care of 5 kids ranging from 17 all the way down to 2. I remember Christmas morning there's a knock at the door and my dad answers it and automatically started crying because his coworkers pitched in to buy us all gifts. One of my favorite memories because my dad smiled (he never smiles)
Hannah D
My mother & I have owned a cake shop for 10 years, Cupcakes by Cory, in South Texas. We are greatly known in our community for giving back. We lost our shop to a fire in July-total loss. 9 weeks later & we are 95% complete and ready to open chapter 2 next week! Your music gives me hope to keep going especially through these trying times! “I hold onto hope and I won’t let go” 🙏🏻
Brittney L
My prayers and my heart have been full of hope for everyone to find peace in this crazy time in our lives! That my daughter knows that she’s so loved and always feels safe and knows to dream big cause she lives in a place that she can be whatever/whoever she wants to be!!
Nathan H
Since covid started I’ve seen more people paying for other people than I ever had. Someone paid for my drink at Starbucks, so I paid for the person behind me. Twice I’ve had people at the grocery store I work at tell me to ring up the person behind them’s groceries on their tab. I also had someone at my other job pay for someone’s $50 pizza order, and so I gave him a free cookie dough. Warms my ❤️
Mary M
Jamie is a 23 year old girl who has autism and she inspires me to be a better person every day. During quarantine to lift spirits Jamie held what she called the “Jamie Tour” where she went to houses around town and sang CU songs for people on their front lawns. By keeping social distance and by using her amazing talent she was able to spread happiness in a tough time! I know she would love this!
Kailey P
My Dad id the most giving person I know. He does so much for other people he barely takes time to do stuff for himself, me and my mom always try to get him do go and do something for himself but he always just wants to help others. And that's why I will always love him. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago, It has been really hard but were all in this together ❤
Jolienne M
My story of giving back is about starting a free outdoor workout group here in San Diego where I live! I really wanted to create a space for people to safely interact while making a positive impact to their health and fitness. In addition to that, I wanted to allow people to tap into the natural beauty of San Diego! The turn out has been amazing and I hope it continues to grow!
Jansen S
I have a dear friend that is single with 3 children. She works two jobs to support herself. She knows how to use coupons to shop for items that she gives to Womens Shelters and food banks. She is truly an example of someone who loves others and has a great sense of generosity. She is able to get hundreds of dollars of items then turns around and gives them to the community!
Julie M
Recently, there has been a house fire in our neighborhood. The homeowners have pretty much lost everything. My community is rallying around this family and helping in whatever way they possibly can. It warms my heart to see this. We are meant to be there for one another in good times and in bad times. 🙂🙏
Dillon B
2009 & 2010 changed our lives forever. The blessings God gave us was a little boy name Alex and a little girl Marlee , who we picked up at the Okla. DHS office. Often times we have been told thank u for fostering and adopting, but it is not us who deserves to be thanked. It was God who send these 2 blessings into our lives. There smiles, hugs, love for God is why they are our special Gifts!
Janet W
I work in a Assisted Living facility. It has been extremely difficult on the families not being able to see their loved ones during this difficult time of the pandemic. Even though the families are struggling they provide our staff with lunches, treats and gift baskets. These are families not only dealing with not seeing their loved ones but dealing with their own personal heart aches. So giving!
Sara G
My story is about a lovely lady to truly helped me through a sad time in my life. At 14 weeks pregnant I heard the words “no heart beat”, I was of course devastated. My coworker and friend has been through a loss before and stood by me in a way no one else could. With two kids of her own every day she would send me a small message about faith and god. She got me out of my darkness.
Caitlyn B
My Girls Scout troop leader is a doctor, a mom, and a troop leader for more than one troop (I think) and she works a lot but she still gets up everyday and is a mom and a leader and a doctor and it's just the most inspiring thing to watch and be around. She's so brave and tough and she gives back to the world everyday and loves it.
Margaret W
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Jenny F.
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